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PLN Answers was designed to provide information for new parents on a variety of common subjects that we all find ourselves wondering about at some point during the mapless road trip that is parenting. The goal of the forum is not to debate back and forth, but to compile a sort of “best practices” guide that is supported by evidence-based resources. It’s okay to express a personal opinion, but it’s important to “show your work”: share whatever facts, information, and logic led you to form your opinion. Links to further reading are always helpful to include in your answer.


All questions and answers are subject to approval by PLN Moderators. This helps us keep the content relevant and organized. We won’t approve posts that contain dangerous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content or answers that don’t add to the conversation. If you’re having trouble getting a post approved, or if you see something that shouldn’t be here, contact us.

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We do everything within our power to keep your information safe. Please review our privacy policy for details on how we store and use your data. If you decide you would prefer for your account to be deleted, please contact us. Please be aware that due to way our system stores information, an account deletion will ensure that all answers and votes are removed from our servers and public view, but we cannot delete your questions if at least one person has already answered. However, we will ensure that all your questions become “anonymous” if not already marked as such. Please do not share any information in your questions or answers that you are not comfortable being public and searchable. When you choose to post a question anonymously, please note that while your name won’t be posted publicly, our administrators will be able to link posts to users. If required by law, we will share this information with the appropriate authorities.


These answers are provided as general information and advice. Please do not use them to self-diagnose or treat illnesses or other conditions. Please do not use them as a personal flotation device; if you are drowning in the sea of parenting, talk to your family doctor. Your maternity ward, midwife clinic, community centre, and even your local library library can be a great place to look for referrals to specific resources. Seek out classes, specialists, and government programs in your area if you are struggling. Always consult a health professional before making decisions regarding your child’s diet or medical treatment.

About Us

PLN is run by real Canadian parents. We have offspring ranging in age from zero to teenage. One of us is expecting her first grandchild. We have extensive experience with the real-life challenges of raising kids, as well as with parenting forums and the online world of childrearing. We love connecting with other parents and sharing tips and ideas on how to make everyday a little more awesome.

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